Planning for the year long cruise… What I’ve done so far

I’m quite proud of the work I’ve done thus far. This is a running list of repairs, patches and upgrades for 2017


Preparing for my minimum 1 year solo cruise takes a bit of prep work and forward planning…

So far I have:

Removed and cleaned the upholstery for 15 cushions. Measured and replaced the old moldy foam and replaced new from homemade templates. Restapled n fit back in place.

Removed Septic system, cleaned, primed and painted the surfaces, and replaced with Trident Premium hose and all new parts/head

Prepping for removal

Polished fuel, new filters x2… Spilt some diesel, n made a day of cleaning that up

Cleaned every terminal connector and post, on batteries or otherwise within the boat with Emory cloth

New Impeller, new backup battery

New anchors 2 sizes larger than recommended. Fortress FX 37 and Mantus 35

Installed inline strainer filter, suction side of freshwater pump

Greased furlex bearings, lubed boom track, mast and furler tracks with silicone lube

Installed inline filters pressure side of freshwater pump for drinking water

Replaced 2 pieces of engine cooling water pickup line with new hose

Old kinked hose

Replaced depth transducer, new backing plate baltic birch soaked in resin, and installed new depth display unit

Full bottom kote antifouling

Ridiculously hot day… Obviously

Installed 2 shiny new deck mount plugs, for mast wires

Rebed Pushpit, Pullpit and Radar mast, replaced screws with bolts, washers, locknuts 316 ss, 4200

Rebed and sealed stanchions with resin, 4200

Rebed and sealed chainplates with resin, added a layer of fiberglass to chainplate wall for support as an experiment, butyl

Rebed leaking Anchor rode guides, repaired damage, made 1/4″ thick backing plates to replace rusted washers, 4200

Reset damaged leaking toe rail, rebed, added 2 new screws to hold in place, 4200

*Re-stitched sails and dodger bimini, new solar mounts on dodger for new panel :by sailmaker

*Additional reef points added :by sailmaker

*Full enclosure made :by sailmaker on the cheap

Replaced surgical tubing for spear “gun”

Made box out of Maple for new solar charge controller and mounted. 2 new 100w flex panels

New propane hose to tank (last year)

Recrimped internal wires for mast head light… I’m picky to no end

Added aluminum support for Radar mast, drilled and thru bolted base

Hey… A rainbow

Set valve clearances on yanmar, new valve cover gasket

Replaced topping lift roller with new one, new topping lift line onboard as backup

Sanded outside teak wood and companionway

Sealed the gap in the leaky deck drains with resin

Replaced old city water regulator with new one

Set tension with loos gauge for standing rigging

To Do…

Rebed leaking non opening window above chart table, might as well do both before the other leaks.

New Main halyard, spliced, on order

Make step-up platform behind wheel as I’m too short to see comfortablely while piloting

Install solar vent in forward hatch, on order

**Possibly replace forward hatch glass if destroyed by holesaw for solar vent

Cetol sanded outside teak, task for a non-rainy week

Secure every inside locker and panel with clasps for heavy weather, secure engine compartment hatch with similar

Install more LED lights inside, arrived and a task for a rainy day

Install Inline strainer, suction side of Engine raw water intake, arrived and a task for a rainy day

Zincs… no clue

Order additional Fuel n oil filters, impellors

Remove and clean yanmar heat exchanger, new gaskets onboard already… *Maybe

Additional 12v socket near fireplace settee

Project for next year, redo interior wood with bright east coast colors to brighten up the place